October 2019

Earlier in the year the council’s executive board approved a decision that the council would take a head lease of the property from Caddick Group, who are currently refurbishing the building, and then sublet to national operator Versa Studios who would in turn convert the buildings into six new studios ranging from 8,000 to 22,000 Square Feet.

This week, contracts have been signed between Leeds City Council and Caddick Group, and the council has also received approval to loan Versa £1.6 million to complete external acoustics work which will now start ahead of opening the studios in 2020.

With increasing demand for more space to support the flourishing creative sector in the city, the new studio will more than double the amount of usable TV and film space and could support up to six new studios.  The sector is expanding quickly following key recent announcements of relocations to Leeds by media and TV giants Channel 4 and Sky.

Whitehall Road